Tuesday, July 17, 2012

See the sea

Hibiscus and lavender margaritas.
Milagro Mexican Cafe, Stonington, CT

This weekend, Patrick and I headed out to Connecticut to spend a few days by the ocean with his family. His family is huge and wonderful, the scenery is beautiful, and we had a great time. 

A victim of the heat.

I looove the ocean.  But I hadn't been in years, so it was a treat to be so close. The giantness of it makes you feel so small. The seagulls pick at the crabs and guard their babies, jellyfish undulate past the dock, the tide routinely rises and falls, and the waves continue to bear down on the coast. Nature keeps going, regardless of me.  

Happy pup.

Local wine. Stonington Vineyards, CT.
We drank both the sheer chardonnay and vidal blanc- both were very refreshing. The latter was my favorite.

I had some wonderful tour guides to show me around Stonington and Mystic.  We sipped some delicious CT wine, looked through some adorable shops, and dined at some local joints.

Paella (basically a seafood explosion) 
Ancient Mariner, Mystic CT.

All of our home-cooked meals contained veggies and fruit from Grandpa's garden.  Clam chowder was made from fresh-dug clams.  I learned how to sail!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome trip.  Thank you to Patrick's relatives, near and far, big and small!

Who doesn't want to do this with their ice cream bowl?
(I saved the cutest picture for last.)

Now, I'm home for a day and then... off to Montreal!

Let the adventures continue. Stay tuned.

- D

Highlights to come:
kitty kuts
pickled things
more weddings
moving across the river!

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