Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saratoga Farmer's Market

Hi Greenies!  It's been awhile... I took my first week of summer vacation to heart!  Though mostly I've been trying to keep cool during this heat wave, we did have some fun in the sun this weekend at the Saratoga Farmer's Market.  Here's some pics of what we experienced:

Most of the market is covered, which is helpful during this intense weather!

Apparently you can get multi-colored carrots! I didn't buy any, but I came close.  I don't even like carrots, but these are super fun.

There were a LOT of plants for sale here... flowers, veggies, etc.-- more here in Saratoga than at any other market I've been to yet.  I'm soooo jealous for a garden...

Here's Erin gazing down at her favorite purchase--- some fresh red raspberries.  We're now in the peak of raspberry season, so these should be popping up everywhere, and at reasonable prices (you can also go out and pick some if you can stand the heat!).

This was a very large market, possibly bigger than the Troy Farmer's Market, and I bought quite a bit here... some small red potatoes and yellow squash, which we grilled up on Sunday for our 4th of July BBQ, a huge head of green leaf lettuce for $2.50 (not bad at all), and some rainbow swiss chard, my new favorite leafy green.  I get a Fail for taking pictures of my food before I ate it this time! (I was too excited to eat it!) but I promise, all was delicious.  However, don't make the mistake we made: we totally forgot a cooler.  This meant we were unable to buy the fresh eggs, yogurt, cheese, free-range chicken, or grass-fed beef that was also for sale here.  (I was especially disappointed because I saw my fave yogurt from Argyle Farms, also available in Troy, but couldn't bring any home with me this time.) Something I haven't yet seen anywhere else were fresh mushrooms for sale.  I didn't buy any: at $10 for the small box, they were a bit over my price range, but it was still great that they are available.  Also, there was a stand of some local wines for sale, as well as a pie-tasting contest (free pie??), and honey iced tea for 25 cents.  

Finally, the best part of heading up to Saratoga for the Farmer's Market is that you're then in Saratoga, and can walk around town to shop and have lunch, which we did, of course.  My opinion is that it's totally worth the drive this summer if you have a Saturday free.  This was an awesome market, but what else would you expect from Saratoga?

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