Monday, August 16, 2010

Pass the Vino

I'm a little behind on this one, but I want to tell you about a lovely little trip I took earlier this summer to beautiful Seneca Lake.  I focus so much on food that I've hardly mentioned what you should be drinking with it!  If you're a wine-lover, this one's for you.

Here's my tribute to New York State wines.

I was invited by my good friend Sarah to cruise the Seneca Lake wine trail with some other friends and family of hers.  This little stay-cation is only about 3 hours from the Capital Region, so it made the perfect weekend trip, and I have to say, a highlight of the summer.

First of all, these people knew how to trail the wines in style!  We rented a tour bus to carry us safely around to the wineries, complete with a hand-picked soundtrack, and champagne to get the party started.
Gotta love carpooling.

Secondly, we couldn't have picked a more perfect day, and the gorgeous Finger Lakes region boasted scenery that was indescribably beautiful.  I don't think my pictures can do it justice, but I'll try...

The view of Seneca Lake outside the window at one of the wineries.

An idyllic farm across the street, and in sight of the lake.

Look at that sky-- perfect!

We sipped on the wine as we gazed out the window onto the lake directly outside.

At each winery, for a minimal fee (usually $2), you can try a number of wines before purchasing.  New York wines, particularly those from the Finger Lakes region, tend to be very sweet.  This is partially due to their climate, but is also the wineries catering to the palate of their consumer (we tend to like sweeter wines better, and spend our money on them, so sugar is often added, or the fermentation is stopped sooner).  If you want to go local, but sweet isn't for you, I can tell you that the Hudson Valley wines that I've tasted are less sweet than those from the Finger Lakes.  And, if you're here in the Albany area, this is an even closer option for you.

Friends, wine, and summertime... what more could a girl want?

If you're looking for a little getaway without having to drive too far, I highly recommend checking out one of the many wine trails that New York State has to offer (check out the Hudson Valley, or any of the Finger Lakes).  And next time you're looking for some local wine to complement your local dinner, definitely grab a bottle of New York wine.

***In case you are wondering, we stopped at the following wineries: Three Brothers (included a brewery), Fox Run, Torrey Ridge/ Earle Estates, Villa Bellangelo, and White Springs.  

Con pan y vino se anda el camino. 
[With bread and wine you can walk your road.]

Spanish Proverb

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