Monday, November 15, 2010

Market Facts

1. Chocolate can cure most ailments.*  Some days just require more than others.

*This goes in particular for chocolate purchased after you've been to a wine tasting, since it's probably of much higher quality than you would normally pay for... or buy three bars of...

This has less to do with the market, and more to do with eating my feelings, which leads us to the next fact:

2. Always make a list before shopping at the farmers market, and then stick with it.  You can't stick with a list if you didn't make one in the first place, and then you might come home with really expensive pesto.

* At least it lasts 6 weeks (or can be frozen) so I have time to savor it.

3. Expensive bread goes really well with expensive pesto, but bread is always worth the money.

Kalamata olive bread... I know...

4. The Schenectady Greenmarket is the only farmers market that I know of in the area open on Sunday, so if you were busy on Saturday, you can still get your fresh foods!

Like tarts.

or baklava yessss.

Candles made of honey (or just honey)

and... er... pot soap?  Sold to you in a man in dreads, no less. Love it.

5. Stick to foods in season, even at the farmers market.  Right now that would be root vegetables like carrots, onions, and turnips, as well as squashes of all shapes and sizes...

Not things like tomatoes and lettuce (they didn't look great, anyway).  If it's not in season, that means it's either been sitting around for a while (like the tomatoes) or being grown in a heated green house, which wastes energy.  And it won't taste as good either way.  I broke the rule and bought a tomato, and it was disappointing :(

Anyway, check out the Schenectady Greenmarket on Sundays until 2PM.  It's now located inside Proctor's for the winter.

And now, a word from our market sponsors:

Ha! You know you laughed.  It's supposedly a local nut company, but I didn't see any nuts... You just never know what you'll run into in Schenectady.  Enjoy.

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