Monday, November 1, 2010

An Upstate Halloween

This Halloween was extra special because I got to spend it with my dear friend Marisa (aka City Mouse), who decided to escape the Big Apple for some upstate shenanigans.  Yay!

Our weekend started Friday night with chai tea from the Illium and home-made stuffed peppers, and ended with zombies and too many beer samplers from the Pump Station.  With a few pit-stops in between, of course.

I won't lie: I was extremely worried that Marisa was going to bored out of her mind all weekend.  What could I show her that she didn't already have in NYC??

Her visit ended up being amazing, of course (old friends, new friends, food, sleepovers, and beer can't be bad).  And her enthusiasm helped me "rediscover" what I do love about living up here...

"It smells like my childhood."

"So good!"

"I had these white carrots in New York..."

"I can't believe these amazing colors.... made by Nature!"

"It's not what I imagined."

There's nothing like seeing your own city through fresh touristy eyes.  There are so many things to enjoy about Upstate NY... from our fall-scents to our colorful scenery, our fresh produce to our friendly people ("Everyone here is so friendly!").

Hope you also had a happy Halloween :)

Our itinerary, in case you were wondering:
1. Troy Night Out-- chai at Illium Cafe
2. My stuffed peppers made with Yummy Peppers from Gade Farm, and quinoa instead of spelt (which I liked better)
3. Saratoga Farmers Market, shopping, and carrot soup lunch at Saratoga Coffee Traders
4. Lebanese cuisine from The Phoenician
5. Albany Aqua Ducks Haunted Trolley Ride (thanks, AOA!)
6. beer samplers and spinach dip at the Pump Station (make sure you go to the bathroom before you leave...)

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  1. Great Read! I totally enjoyed the weekend through the eyes of Danielle and her dear friend Marisa.