Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthday Edition

Monday was my birthday.  The big 2-8.  Monday is not typically an ideal day for a birthday.  So basically, I not only claimed the weekend, but the whole damn week.  Why not?

I say, as long as there's still birthday cake in the fridge, it's still my birthday.   (There's also a birthday cake in my freezer- thanks, Adrienne!- so I might stretch this out for quite a while....)

Cake courtesy of Bella Napoli in Troy, NY.  I could eat that chocolate frosting with a spoon.

I spent Cinco de Mayo at Il Mariachi with great friends. I think it's now a birthday tradition, since it's here that I've celebrated 3/5 of my Capital Region birthdays.  The three best birthdays, definitely.  What can I say?  Mexican is festive. (Wow, I've been here for five birthdays??)

Is it the colorful chips? The spicy food?  Or the delicious margaritas? (A little too delicious...)

We finished the night at Cheesecake Machismo, right next door.  Next time, I'm getting my own piece.

Monday, my actual birthday, I went on a bike ride, followed by steak on the grill.

Because steak is always classy.  Even if it's under $4 and from Price Chopper.

And then somebody really nice bought me a cake.  A WHOLE cake.  For just the two of us...

One of us is running a marathon, and it's not me.  Who wants to roll me back to Schenectady?

I had another great birthday, thanks to some great people.  And I still have more birthday fun to come, thanks to my family, who I haven't celebrated with yet.  (The Mother's Day/ Danielle's Birthday Party is another tradition I like to keep intact, especially if it means I get to stretch out the birthday fun even longer.)

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me, and to those who couldn't but still made me feel special.  Thank you for the kale chips, the tequila, the birthday cakes, the target cards, and all the love. And thank you for reading this right now.

Until next week.... XOXO

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