Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time's Up!

Where does the time go?  Last week when I clicked "publish," I felt like I had all the time in the world to come up with what I was going to write next week.

Now, next week is this week.  Next week is RIGHT NOW.  What am I going to write about??

My thoughts about three hours ago: "I didn't do anything green, or local, or healthy this week! AH!" followed by, "Blogger fail." :(  I barely even cooked this week.  It was just one of those weeks.  Double frowny.

But I committed to restarting this blog, so I'll find something to write about, darn it!

 So, I back-tracked through my week...where DID the time go?

I had a lovely movie date with a boy I really like :) The Spectrum Theater is my favorite place for a movie date. I don't know exactly what it is that I find so romantic: it's small, usually too warm, and always a bit dirty.  But that's why I like it.  It's the theater-next-door. (You know, like the girl-next-door that you fall in love with because she's normal and not fancy and pretentious? ) Am I making sense?  Anyway, it's romantic.  Go there.  Then go to Emack and Bolio's down the street, but get a cup of chai instead of ice cream.

I rode my new bike on the path in Watervliet/ Cohoes.  The Capital Region has a really sweet bike path, and I can't wait to be able to explore it further!  Monday I rode six whole miles after not riding for a year! (OK, I know I'm not going to win any bike races. Just be proud of me, don't judge.) It was beautiful, and I loved it, even though two days later my quads are still tight.

They make a cute couple, don't they?

I took a breather with some yoga. I realized that I've been practicing yoga for about three years now, which isn't super long, but it's the longest I've personally ever stuck with a work out regimen.  In fact, recently I've decided that I'd like to dedicate additional effort into learning more about it.  I think I've found it to be the most natural fit for my body.  Part of it is its simplicity-- no extra machinery or products are really necessary, it's just me and my body.  I look forward to doing it, and enjoy the challenges it presents me - I feel strong when I get grit my teeth and hold that warrior! - rather than hating every minute of it and feeling like I'm suffering.  In times of stress, the breathing and meditation soothes me, and forces an otherwise impatient me to slow down.

Tee-hee. [credit]

So, I guess I did some good stuff after all! Time flies... seriously.  The days turn into weeks, and I know I was busy that whole time, but can't remember what the heck I did. Writing helps me to reflect, to not lose track, to stop and think and appreciate.

I hope you had a good week too :) Notice my frown is now upside down. Yup.

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