Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Beginnings

It's Spring. I mean, it doesn't quite feel like Spring at the moment, but it is.  And it will again in a few days.  April showers bring May flowers.

I love Spring.  I love the newness of it.  The sun and rain, green buds, the fresh earth, the tulips, sundresses. My birthday, new apartment leases, new bikes.

Don't worry, I usually wear a helmet.  I'm just test-driving it.

I teach my students that Spring is an archetype-- a universal symbol for beginnings.

I might be speaking too soon, but things feel okay after not feeling okay for a while.  It feels like a new beginning.  I'm restarting this blog after taking several months off.  Life was busy. But I really miss writing and sharing.  So now that things are winding down, I'd like to share my adventures again with you, so I hope everyone will find their way back and hang out with me.

Also, the eating is getting good (you knew I was going to talk about food, right?) so get yourself psyched for all the fresh yummies coming our way.  Asparagus, spinach, strawberries.... mmmm.

I've got a CSA share this year, so I'll be buried under copious amounts of unusual veggies and I'm excited to share my food adventures!

I'm also moving to a new part of the Capital Region, and have a couple trips planned to Ithaca, NYC, and.....??

Stay tuned!!

And meanwhile, make this asparagus, smoked swiss, and pancetta pizza... It's a delicious flavor combination!  You know you want that swiss.  (Prep the raw dough with olive oil, pepper, and basil.  Saute asparagus, pancetta, and a lil onion until mostly done, then layer with cheese onto the pizza.  If you have it, add a few scattered drops of pesto. Cook at 450 until crust is done.)