Hi!  I began this website because people always asked me about recipes and farmers markets, etc., so this seemed to be an easy way to share what I know.  Also, I love to write.  I am not an expert in food nutrition or anything environmental.  By day, I'm an English teacher.  This blog is merely a record of my journey to become as healthy as possible... both personally and... Earth-ily?  I've always liked to cook, and I've always wanted to "save" the Earth (I was the annoying 6 year old that tried to save the animals and recycled everything into birdhouses).  After college, I became more interested in whole and organic foods (as well as other things "green"), and began exploring farmers markets and co-ops in my area (then Binghamton, now Albany).  I also started reading some of those books out there now on the topic by Michel Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver,  which piqued my interest as I learned more about how our food systems affect the world, our health, and the environment around us. I'm a hippie, nerd, faux journalist, semi-vegetarian, stray-cat saver.  Aaaand-- I eat a lot when I travel.  Enjoy!