Monday, September 20, 2010

Local Harvest Food Festival

There's something about slanted sunshine, crisp air, and bright leaves, that make people want to get outside, get together, and eat. Yay for Fall!

Sunday was neither sunny nor crisp, but fortunately, people still came together in Washington Park in Albany for the Honest Weight's Local Harvest Food Festival.  I was suffering from my first cold of the school year (it didn't take me long...), but it was a welcome break from my schedule of tea and napping.

Check out some pics from the afternoon:

Lovely lavender, bunches and soap (and cake, to taste!)

A bicycle covered in garlic is my kind of bike.

I bought a pair in white (her nature-inspired artwork was amazing, too).

We shared a red-velvet, and I'm now addicted.

You know it's fall when the gourds come out!

Delicious Greek treats!  (Although the dolmades were still not as good as my Dad's, even with the pine nuts).

Overall, I really enjoyed myself. The festival wasn't as big as I'd expected, but it's only their second year, so hopefully it will continue to grow.  And it was still a lot of fun. I wasn't really feeling in the fall spirit, but the Fall Festival got me there.  And, it inspired me to head over to the Co-Op, where I haven't been in a while, to experiment with some new ingredients (which will soon follow, hopefully).  

Happy Fall :)

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