Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken on a Stick, Etc.

This weekend, I had chicken on a stick, and it was delicious.

Please excuse the terrible photography...

I had this because it was my birthday, we were in Boston, we had just witnessed the Bruins sweep (and I learned what that meant), and somebody literally brought it out of the restaurant and into the street for me.  Someone I had never even met!

Chicken on a stick with Joe.

The Bruins are sweeping!

I love birthdays.

While still in Boston, we got yummy donuts and breakfast sandwiches at this little place.

I can't say the service was great, but the donuts were.  AND we were entertained while we waited..

AJ is enjoying his breakfast sandwich.

I also got some thoughtful gifts from friends and family that know me so well...

Awesome shampoo, conditioner, and soap by Aveda.  Besides just being lovely, Aveda uses "green" ingredients and packaging.  Does Adrienne know me or what?

A Nook!! Book recommendations pleeeeaaaaassse!!

Additionally, this weekend was Mother's Day, and I picked up some pampering products for my mom, who is also a nature-dork like me.

The lovely-smelling soap came from the Schenectady GreenMarket, which is now outside!  There's nothing like walking around the market on a sunny Spring morning.  The body oil and loofah are from The Body Shop, another green company, and the maple candies are from a local maple producer (I bought them from a fundraiser at school).

So the morals of this story are:

Always eat your way through cities as you visit them (and take pictures).

Take the time to pick out personal gifts for the people you love, and it will be appreciated.  When you can, support local businesses and companies that make the effort to be healthier. Your gifts will be that much more considerate, and often more original.

I'll be back soon with some food... there's finally a few veggies coming up in Upstate New York.  I made a yummy Spring Pizza tonight (recipe to come!) aaaand maybe some asparagus by Thursday?

Gade Farm Store, Guilderland, NY

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