Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Harvest

Summer time is a season of plenty here in Upstate NY.  There seem to be plenty of greens...

Swiss chard cleaned and ready to go.

...and other colors, too.

Zucchini flowers anyone?

A visit to a good friend resulted in bagfuls of fresh goodies from her garden.  We feasted like kings for days.

A hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, fried zucchini strips, sauteed swiss chard, and battered zucchini flowers. (OK, I know there's a lot of fried in there, but they're VEGETABLES.  Come on.)

Summer salad #1 with garden fresh lettuce, chunks of pear, and chicken grilled with a homemade plum sauce (gift of a friend).

Summer salad #2 with same lettuce and plum chicken, plus fresh raspberries and snap peas.

I dream of having a garden that could feed me for the summer.  It appeals to so many aspects of my character:  love of fresh food, anything earthy, and... I'm cheap.

Everything is so fresh in the summer!  Enjoy the good eats of the season :)


  1. OMG! You're making me so hungry! I've got to go out and see what's ripe!


  2. What a bounty of produce! I have been seeking out zucchini flowers - I've never tried them and they sound SO good. Hope I find some soon!