Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, Ya'll.

Happy New Year! I hope your 2011 is off to an amazing start.

 Mine is.

City Mouse and I skipped down to The Big Easy to ring in the New Year, and per usual, feasted our way through the local culture, both figuratively and literally.

We're good at that.  Maybe too good.  I think I've eaten about three vegetables this whole week (but at least two of them were local!).  My pants are snug, and I'm pretty sure Flat Stanley is now 3D.   But I heard some of the best music in my life, so it was totally worth it.

Check out some of the local treats we discovered down in N'awlins...

We started right off with muffaletta and some spicy jambalaya on Bourbon St.   This sausage only foreshadows what is to come...

Satsumas are a nectarine-type orange grown in the southern part of our country, though Louisiana apparently likes to take all the credit. I would too, they're delish.

Breakfast #1: sausage and cheese grits, or as our bed 'n breakfast owner called them: Louisi-Bama grits!

Everyone drinks their coffee au lait, so they don't ask you if you want room, they just fill your cup 2/3 of the way... anyway, Louisiana wins The Best Coffee award, hands down.

Shopping vintage on Magazine Street.

Recommended by Billy, this was one of my favorite meals of the trip... we ate lamb ribs, rabbit and sausage jambalaya, and cajun fried chicken. I've never eaten so many animals in one sitting.  Sorry there's no more pictures, we were too busy licking our fingers.

The best croissant of Flat Stanley's life... chocolate and almond filled from Croissant d'Or in the French Quarter.

 Lunch at cute little Satsuma Cafe in Bywater: herbed cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel...

....arugula and beet salad....

....compost-able straws...

...washed down with satsuma lime-ade, of course.

Cafe DuMonde's cafe au lait and beignet (ben-yay).  You can't go to NOLA without stopping here.

Yum, powdered sugar.

While you're down there, try the local beer.  Or two.

Just stay off the piano.

Anyway, I hope 2011 is filled with more adventures, food and otherwise.

Happy New Year.

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  1.!! Glad your new year's off to the right start. :)