Saturday, September 15, 2012

Embracing Fall

In past years, I dreaded the fall.  I've always considered myself a warm-weather person -- I much prefer to be hot than cold -- and most winters seem to drag on and on and on...

The last couple of years, however, I've felt myself embracing the fall.  Maybe part of it is getting older.  I think I appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.  Also, part of it is definitely that the winters haven't been as harsh recently.  But mostly, it's because the fall just has so much darn character, from the weather, to the activities, to the foods.

The sunlight hits us from a particular angle and the sky glows that striking blue.

Crisp fall walks are the best, right Patton?

The best apples come straight from the orchard.

Bowman Orchards, to be exact.  And while you're there, have a scoop of apple cider donut ice cream.

Garlic lovers eat their fill at festivals.

It takes a true garlic lover to eat straight samples. 

And we use up the tail end of the summer harvest.

 Stir fry! Broccoli, peppers, onions, kale, bok choy, with garlic and toasted sesame oil.

Homemade pickled beets over arugula, topped with goat cheese and candied almonds.

More pickles, anyone?

Roasted eggplant pitas!  Prep eggplant and roast at 450 until it's browned (flip once).  Stack on a whole grain pita with hummus, spinach and feta.  Good lunch!

I hope you are enjoying fall, whether you are cooking, outdoors-ing, or participating in other Autumn-ish activities...

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